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Home Joomla Help Center Working With The VirtueMart Cart How Cart Items Are Ordered In VirtueMart

How Cart Items Are Ordered In VirtueMart

The order of how items are displayed in VirtueMart categories is set in the VirtueMart configuration panel at Components > VirtueMart > Admin > Configuration. Then click on the Site tab - VirtueMart v1.1 is shown but other versions are almost identical:

In this example, the default product sort order is by Product Name. To use the SKU number as the sort order, select SKU in the drop down box.

One way to get a custom sort order is by using the SKU number. This works well if you don't mind changing an item's SKU number in order to get a custom sort.

  • Go to Components > VirtueMart.
  • Then click on the big "Product List" button - if yours is an art site the button may be called "Artwork List".
  • Filter to the category you wish to work on using the "Select a category" drop down.
  • The items are always shown alphabetically in the admin area but will display using the SKU order on the live site if you have selected that in the configuration settings as shown above.
  • To preview the SKU order on the live site: on the main Joomla menu go to Site > Preview > In New Window.
  • To change the order seen on the live site, change the SKU number of an item.